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Welcome to our website

What about the idea of “active ageing”?

2012 was the European year of active ageing and solidarity between generations. 2013 is the European Year of Citizenship. What a beautiful dynamic link and what a strong challenge for the coming years: Ageing while remaining healthy and active citizen, while being integrated in social networks, in informal learning, while bringing up to date one’s competences, while playing an active role in society, etc… And we all know that in Europe during the last 30 years the average age of life expectancy increased from 71 years to 76 years.

Somewhere in Vilnius (Lithuania)  an organization, aware of this demographic situation, has decided to take up this challenge, knocked at the door of some other organizations acting in different European countries,  knocked at the door of the European Commission and submitted successfully  a partnership project in the frame of the European Lifelong Learning Programme (Grundtvig):

PRETTY – The New Knowledge………

In “leafing through” the pages of our website, you will discover who we are, the “PRETTY’s partnership” and know more about the project’s content and its finalization.

Enjoy the visit and come back to see us!